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www.Holiday Phone Cash.com : A cash advance loan can help you cover your financial needs for short periods of time. The most common use for this type of loan is to cover short term expenses, such as car, rent or mortgage payments, doctor’s bills, utilities, and so forth.

Because a cash advance loan is not based on credit, you have a very good chance of obtaining one, even with bad or poor credit. Traditional lenders, such as banks, credit cards companies, and credit unions, use a system of evaluation to determine your ability to pay back any loan they might give to you. The first and most important part of a loan they examine is the credit score of the borrower. If you have a poor credit score, you will be turned down for a loan by the lender.

Cash Advance loans are made for a small amount of cash and for a shorter period of time. Because this type of loan is not based on credit, a Cash Advance Lender bases the evaluation of a borrower on different criteria than a bank or credit card lender.

Some of the factors evaluated are:

1. Employment. To obtain a cash advance loan, you must have a full time job and be currently employed. If you are laid off from work, on unemployment compensation, or on pension, social security, or other retirement payment, you will not be a good candidate for a loan.

2. Income. Your income must be steady, regular, and predictable. A lender will review your paystubs to determine your weekly income. If you are paid every to weeks, or twice a month, your income will be multiplied and divided until it can be calculated on a weekly scale. For example, if you make $2,000.00 every 2 weeks, your income will be calculated as follows: $2,000.00 X 26/2= $1,000.00, or $1,000.00 a week in income. Your weekly income is the basis for how much money you can be lent with a cash advance loan.

Some important things to remember before you take out a cash advance loan:

A. The loan should be for a short term only. Because the interest rate on this loan will be high, you should have a plan on how to get it paid off quickly. You should budget your monthly income carefully and prepare to pay off your loan.

B. It is best to pay off the loan before your term is up. If your loan is for 2 weeks, you should make sure it is paid off by that time. Due to the high interest on this type of loan, you will be penalized with an extra interest payment if you extend your payback term.applybutton1

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